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About The Trip

The Old City and more!

iceisrael July 27, 2017


Over these last two days we spent lots of time getting around the old city, volunteering, and learning. Tuesday was spent learning about medical clowning and cheering up the kids in hadassah hospital. Following that we got to walk around the old city and see a beautiful view of the Kotel and the surrounding area from aish hatorah’s roof top. To finish our day we heard an inspiring speech from a survivor of a terrorist attack in Israel, Sarri Singer. Wednesday we toured around in the city of David, walking the Chizkiyahu water tunnels and learning about the history of the holy city. After a really great MEAT dinner, thanks to Yoni finishing the Gemara Beitzah, we split up and the boys got to spend time at NCSY Kollel hearing from Rabbi Kaminetsky and the girls with Michlelet hearing from Mrs. Schneider

Shayna Travis