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About The Trip

Yonah Kafash – Great Neck, NY

NCSY Staff October 19, 2018
“Israel ID was one of the best decisions I ever made. The experience that I went through on the program is something I will never forget. The activities alone, were beyond amazing. From water sports, hikes, Torah learning, chessed and sight seeing, each activity had a fun and memorable moment. That’s only the beginning of something so amazing. The staff was incredible, they helped me not only become a better Jew, but a better and happier person. Every Shabbat brought so much meaning to everyone, no matter how religious each person was, everyone felt a sense of love and passion for Judaism and Shabbat. Lastly, the friendships created throughout the 5 weeks of the program are friendships that everyone can agree with, have a special place in our hearts forever. Israel ID is more than just an Israel summer program, it’s the start to a new family, inspiration and becoming a better person.”