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About The Trip

Meira Singer – Thornhill, CA

NCSY Staff October 19, 2018
“This summer, my life was changed forever. I attended Israel ID, and I truthfully can say that I left the trip being a changed person. The second you step foot on this trip, you feel instantly connected to every person that you are going to spend the rest of your summer with. It is a feeling of finally coming home. Not only is each day more and more spiritually uplifting, but it is also simply super fun. Israel ID is designed to incorporate Torah with fun, and they do the best job of that. Before every unforgettable activity, your advisors and tour guide teach you all about the place that you are going to visit and spiritually connect it. This not only gives you an understanding of the history, but allows you to relate with your ancestors and feel connected to your roots. I was very surprised with the accepting characteristics of all the staff. There was not one advisor that you felt that you couldn’t come to and talk to about anything. There are no words to describe the feeling of traveling Israel with your new “family” for the summer. I can guarantee, that Israel ID will be the BEST SUMMER EVER.”