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About The Trip

Maddie Kasztl – Denver, CO

“NCSY Israel ID gave me the experience of a lifetime. Receiving the background about each significant place prior to visiting it, made me have a stronger and more meaningful connection with our land. It gave me the opportunity to see Israel in a whole different light, and to really feel a special connection with it. At the beginning of the program all of us were people from different places and backgrounds, and came on this one program for the same reason, to have the time of our lives, and to grow as individuals. We started out as one bus who didn’t know anything about each other, and turned into one family, thanks to the support of the incredible director and advisors who gave us the extra push to come together, and connect with everyone around us. I can honestly say Israel ID was a life changing experience.”

Yosef Morrison – Teaneck, NJ

“I couldn’t be happier with my choice of Israel ID this past summer! This was by far the best summer of my life. Israel ID has truly made me fall in love with Israel, help me make friends for a lifetime, and grow close with my advisors that I still talk to all the time. Even though I went in without knowing anyone, I left with a family.  On Israel ID You travel everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Israel ID is the perfect combination of the fun of traveling Israel, the inspiration of incredible chesed, and the growth of relatable and meaningful Torah learning. Israel ID was The Best.Summer.Ever!”

Yonah Kafash – Great Neck, NY

“Israel ID was one of the best decisions I ever made. The experience that I went through on the program is something I will never forget. The activities alone, were beyond amazing. From water sports, hikes, Torah learning, chessed and sight seeing, each activity had a fun and memorable moment. That’s only the beginning of something so amazing. The staff was incredible, they helped me not only become a better Jew, but a better and happier person. Every Shabbat brought so much meaning to everyone, no matter how religious each person was, everyone felt a sense of love and passion for Judaism and Shabbat. Lastly, the friendships created throughout the 5 weeks of the program are friendships that everyone can agree with, have a special place in our hearts forever. Israel ID is more than just an Israel summer program, it’s the start to a new family, inspiration and becoming a better person.”

Meira Singer – Thornhill, CA

“This summer, my life was changed forever. I attended Israel ID, and I truthfully can say that I left the trip being a changed person. The second you step foot on this trip, you feel instantly connected to every person that you are going to spend the rest of your summer with. It is a feeling of finally coming home. Not only is each day more and more spiritually uplifting, but it is also simply super fun. Israel ID is designed to incorporate Torah with fun, and they do the best job of that. Before every unforgettable activity, your advisors and tour guide teach you all about the place that you are going to visit and spiritually connect it. This not only gives you an understanding of the history, but allows you to relate with your ancestors and feel connected to your roots. I was very surprised with the accepting characteristics of all the staff. There was not one advisor that you felt that you couldn’t come to and talk to about anything. There are no words to describe the feeling of traveling Israel with your new “family” for the summer. I can guarantee, that Israel ID will be the BEST SUMMER EVER.”

Natalie Odiz – Miami, FL

“Going on NCSY Israel ID was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. This summer was not only filled with tons of adventurous activities that were unforgettable, but with amazing staff and friends that I know I will never forget. Israel ID did not only grant me the ability to meet amazing people, but the ability to create a family that will be in my heart forever. I had the pleasure to learn and appreciate the history of Israel and what it means to be a Jew. The advisors on Israel ID have made it their duty to connect and understand each and every camper. I highly recommend this trip to everyone.”