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About The Trip

Week 1 review

iceisrael July 13, 2018

It’s only been a few days and we have already experienced so many highlights. Yesterday we visited Chevron and heard from a resident of the city the incredible history. We davened at ma’arat hamachpeila where Avraham & Sara, Yitzchak & Rivka, Yaakov & Leah are all buried. It was moving and inspiring to see how connected your children felt as they held their siddurim and prayed. From Chevron we traveled to Oz Va’goan where we volunteered to clean a park in memory of the three boys killed a few summers ago. Soldiers trained us in medical assistance in the field and krav maga. From there we went back to the hotel for a delicious dinner.
Today we experienced what Friday is like in Jerusalem. The shuk in Machaneh Yehuda was bursting with all different types of Jews. The excitement and preparation for Shabbos was palpable and real. But it wasn’t just the rush of pre-shabbos that made us more Israeli, we ate falafel for lunch, in a laffa! Yum!
After a week of fun, it is time to reflect. To reflect how each and every one of us are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, the opportunity to spend a summer in Israel. From the moment we landed, every day has been filled with excitement and inspiration. From the Kotel and the Old city to the holy city of Chevron. From the water tunnels to army training, there is no time to waste. With our busy weekdays, we enter Shabbos prepared for some relaxation and time to slow things down and really connect with one another. We are so looking forward to Shabbos in Jerusalem, the beautiful city Yerushalayim.
Shabbat Shalom and Good Shabbos!


Yoni Pollock

Director, NCSY Israel ID