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About The Trip

Day1 – Welcome to Jerusalem!

iceisrael July 10, 2018

Hi my name is Yermi Van Sickle, I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!
I chose to go on Israel ID because I wanted to explore all of Israel, to connect closer with GD, as well as make many new friends.
Coming to Israel on this program is my first time leaving the United States as well as going on a plane. It was really exciting going on a plane for my first time and surprisingly I didn’t get sick at all and I had a great time!
When I first saw Jerusalem I was amazed at how beautiful it was, I’ve only seen pictures of it until now and nothing compares to how beautiful it is in person. I’m so happy I’m having this experience and I’m excited for more. #NCSYSUMMER #BestSummerEver #IsraelID