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About The Trip

Day 7 – Spirituality and sunshine in Tzfat

iceisrael July 16, 2018

Hi! My name is Rebecca Krausz and I’m from New York. I chose NCSY Israel ID because I fell in love with the organization and advisors from events during the year. Today we once again had an amazing day full of cool and interesting activities. We went to Tzfat and heard this inspiring artist, Avraham, speak about his art! It was so cool for me. I saw all these intriguing paintings that I instantly loved. Once he told us what they represent, I just had to buy one! Next, we went to an artist who creates beautiful works of art through glass blowing. We watched in awe as she showed us how to make a glass cup and the life messages it represents. We then had awesome pizza for lunch and went through a market full of jewelry and funky t-shirts. Then we were split into two groups and one went to an old age home while the other, my group, went to a hospital to visit kids. I cannot describe to you how precious these kids were. Even though most did not speak English, they still smiled back and enjoyed our company! Next, we got free time to roam around Tzfat for dinner where all the main restaurants are. Dinner was followed by a crazy cool cave experience that Rabbi Yoni and the advisors surprised us with! We sang songs in the dark cave and then we walked back to the bus. Singing in the darkness, standing in a circle in an almost pitch black cave, with the echo of everyone’s voice surrounding you was incredible and uplifting. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.