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About The Trip

Day 3 – Our past, our present and our future

iceisrael July 12, 2018

Hi! My name is Maddie Kasztl and I’m from Denver, Colorado. I decided that I want to come on Israel ID because I feel that it is the program that allows everyone to come and find inspiration. On Israel ID were able to experience personal growth as a Jew through everything we do. Today we traveled to Chevron and visited Maarat HaMachpelah which really stuck out from the whole day. It was the first time that many of us were able to visit, and it was very impactful. I felt a special connection to my Jewish ancestors and the whole Jewish nation that could never be compared. This experience is truly something that I will never forget. Today we also went to Oz VeGaon. Oz VeGaon is park and education center which was created in memory for the 3 boys who were kidnapped and killed just a few years ago. There we were able to gain a deeper understanding of how the IDF functions. We practiced army training such as carrying a stretcher filled with First Aid materials, learned Krav Mga self defense, and practiced shooting positions. Afterwards we were able to work the fields surrounding Oz VeGaon in order to help them continue building. The entire experience at Oz VeGaon was really meaningful. I have never actually spent time trying to learn and focus so much on the IDF and how it works before this. Afterwards we went back to the hotel, ate dinner, and just chilled. It was the best third day!