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About The Trip

Day 21 – Fun in the sun

iceisrael July 31, 2018

My name is Yosef Morrison and I am from Teaneck, NJ. The reason I came on Israel ID was because I want to grow closer with the land of Israel and wanted to meet many new friends. Israel ID is the perfect program for these goals. Israel ID creates an atmosphere where one can travel over the entire Israel while gaining a closer connection to Israel and Hashem. Monday was the best day ever! First, color war broke out right after davening which was awesome. Then we went raft building which was really hard. We needed to create a raft out of bamboo sticks, barrels, and wooden boards. Once we finished building the rafts, we raced on them in the Kineret. Afterwards, we had time to swim around in the beautiful water. After that we had a scrumptious lunch of gourmet shnitzel sandwiches. Next, we went on a really cool water hike and had a blast. We all splashed each other and saw nature at its finest. In order to connect to our roots we went to the grave sites of the Rambam and Rebbe Meir Baal HaNeis. Those rabbeim are very important to Jewish nation. To end off the day, we went on an astonishing boat cruise on the Kineret. On the cruise they turned on music and we danced and played limo. It was so much fun and definitely a highlight. After that was time for dinner. We went to an amazing steak house and ate so much food. They made fresh pita which was delicious. Today was an amazing day! I’m so happy that I came on Israel ID.