BLOG -Summer 2018

Day 7 – Spirituality and sunshine in Tzfat

Hi! My name is Rebecca Krausz and I’m from New York. I chose NCSY Israel ID because I fell in love with the organization and advisors from events during the year. Today we once again had an amazing day full of cool and interesting activities. We

Day 6 – Independence and street art in Tel-Aviv

Hi everyone!My name is Nicole van Amerongen and I’m an advisor on NCSY Israel ID. I came on ID this summer with the hopes of inspiring and being inspired by each of our amazing NCSYers. This morning we started off our trip with a bus

Weekend #1

Hi my name is David Bargraser and I’m from Houston, Texas. I came on Israel ID because I wanted to come experience Israel and connect with the holy land.  FRIDAY NIGHTThis Shabbat was amazing. I had a great time. We started off Friday night by going

Week 1 review

It’s only been a few days and we have already experienced so many highlights. Yesterday we visited Chevron and heard from a resident of the city the incredible history. We davened at ma’arat hamachpeila where Avraham & Sara, Yitzchak & Rivka, Yaakov & Leah are

Day 3 – Our past, our present and our future

Hi! My name is Maddie Kasztl and I’m from Denver, Colorado. I decided that I want to come on Israel ID because I feel that it is the program that allows everyone to come and find inspiration. On Israel ID were able to experience personal

Day 2 – Exploring the Old City

Hello, I am Kikira Goldstein from Hollywood, Florida. I chose NCSY Israel ID because I have never been to Israel and I want to strengthen my connection with God through the holy Land. In addition I felt it to be a good opportunity to meet

Day1 – Welcome to Jerusalem!

Hi my name is Yermi Van Sickle, I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! I chose to go on Israel ID because I wanted to explore all of Israel, to connect closer with GD, as well as make many new friends.Coming to Israel on this program is my