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About The Trip


iceisrael August 4, 2017

Today was a crazy day filled with all different types of activities and programs! Our first stop was to a dairy farm where we got to learn how to make cheese, play with goats, and taste different types of dairy products! Even the people who were lactose intolerant had fun!
We then headed to Tel-Aviv where we had an amazing pasta lunch in a park outside the independence hall. Our group learnt about the rich history of the Independence Hall in addition to what lead the leaders of Israel did to declare Israel’s independence.  It was really exciting to be in the same room that Ben Gurion said his famous words back in 1948.
After Independence Hall, we all put on our hats, grabbed our water and wallets and went on a tour of the old city of Yafo. The city’s beautiful ports and vintage artwork added to the already amazing afternoon – even though we were all really sweaty.
While the first few activities were really fun, the main event of the day was Yom NCSY! Yom NCSY is a day where all the NCSY summer programs come together for a large BBQ and concert. During Yom NCSY we were all able to meet up with old friends on different summer programs, eat really good food and dance the night away at the “rave”. It was really cool to see that even though we were all on different summer programs and wearing different colored shirts, every program came together as one NCSY community.

Gabriella Lieberman