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About The Trip

Shabbos in Jerusalem

iceisrael July 31, 2017

What an incredible shabbos! Our first shabbos back together was a great one as we started off davening Kabbalas Shabbos at the kotel, my first time ever doing so. We had dinner at Aish and walked though Ben Yehudah street back to the Crowne Plaza hotel to hear some inspiring dvar Torah from our very own Rav Yaakov. Shabbos day after davening, we played some intense games of mafia followed by a great lunch. During the afternoon break, besides sleeping, I read the book “Pathway to Prayer” and felt that it really enhanced my davening especially my mariv shemonei esrei that night which was preceded by a meaningful ebbing and stories shared by Rachel Sherin and Natan Sredni. I hope that our last shabbos next week will be as meaningful as this past one.

Jordan Benditzson