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About The Trip

Laser tag and Latrun

iceisrael August 4, 2017

What another fun day in Ein Tzurim – we woke up to a delicious breakfast; scrambled free range eggs, gooey Cinnamon rolls, mouthwatering French toast, and much more. Who knew Kibbutz food was so yummy?! After Chevrutas we made our way to laser tag and the tank museum at Latrun. The tank museum was pretty cool – we took many pictures on the army tanks so make sure to check those out. Laser tag was so much fun. It felt like real army practice since it was outdoors. Zevik our Israeli guard destroyed everyone – Yoni did come close though and won 2 of the games. We just went to the super market to get snacks for Shabbat and now we are back in the Kibbutz getting ready for Shabbat. Although it’s our last Shabbat, I still can’t wait to spend it with all my close friends.

Rebekah Grzebinski