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About The Trip

Israel ID had EILAT of fun

iceisrael July 20, 2017

שלום to all those reading!

My name is Shlomo Amsellem and I am part of the amazing team we call the NCSY ISRAEL ID Staff. I just wanted share some of the incredible experiences and fun activities that we have done over this past week. As we parted from the north we took a short detour into the dessert where we received the full Bedouin experience. We started with camel riding and then spoke with a true Bedouin about his lifestyle and experience. After eating there food and spending the night in their tents we woke up bright and early to watch the sunrise at the top of Masada. Thanks to our amazing tour guide Sapir the NCSYers really felt connected and inspired by the story of Masada. Afterwards we had the opportunity to play in the water a bit as we hiked עיו גדי, followed by our visit to the one and only Dead Sea. After the NCSYers had the full Dead Sea experience we headed down to the south were we had Eilat waiting for us, where had three days of fun to come. Without missing a beat, we headed straight to the boardwalk after settling down at our hotel; where the NCSYers shopped, ate, walked, and some even went on a giant sling shot into the sky, but that was only the beginning of the fun as the next day we were beach bound all day. We started the day with tefila and learning groups, as usual, having nothing but water sports and a cruise ship ride planned for the day. We had the opportunity to go banana boating, tubing, kayaking and paddle boating. However we weren’t done there, so we went to cool off a bit and “chill” in the Eilat ice mall where we all went ice skating. The ice skating became a little bit of a snow ball fight, but it was amazing to see all the achdus amongst the NCSYers as all those who didn’t know how to skate quickly learned as they received the aid of their friends. We are going to miss everyone over this shabbos but we hope they enjoy visiting family and friends and are looking forward to seeing them next week in Jerusalem!!!