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About The Trip

Day 8 & 9: Shomer Hachadash

iceisrael July 14, 2017

Am I my brothers keeper?
How many of us walk through life thinking about this powerful quote? And how many of us don’t live by it?

We spent two meaningful days with Shomer Hachadash strengthening our connections with each other and our land. From plowing the field with different tools to using unique ingredients to make a meal, singing around a bond-fire and tracking through a beautiful water hike; we can say we are each other’s keepers. The activities conveyed the message of Achdus loudly, giving us a deeper sense of understanding of others and ourselves. As time went by it was evident how we were becoming one cohesive unit and even though we started as acquaintances we ended this journey as brothers and sisters. We learned how despite coming to this world with either a rake or a tuqui, or how sometimes we are more like salt than sugar each opportunity serves as a platform to serve and grow.