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About The Trip

Day 6: Tzipori and Donkey Riding

iceisrael July 10, 2017

What a fun and HOT day we had!! Due to the heatwave, we nixed our hike and instead had an awesome day spent doing multiple fun activities. We started the day by going to Tzipori, an ancient archaeological site that goes back to Messianic times. We even walked passed the house of Rebbe Yehuda Hanasi. We continued traveling back in time as we dressed in robes and put on turbans. We also baked pita bread and rode on a Donkey! We even got our donkey-driving license. After we came back to the present we stopped in Meron at Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s Kever to daven. We headed back to Hispin to eat dinner, prepare for Hashomer Hachadash and broke up into our family groups once again. Looking forward to visiting Tzfat tomorrow and a meaningful fast!