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About The Trip

Day 10: Repelling and Rosh Hanikra

iceisrael July 14, 2017

Hello to all fans of Israel ID,
Just wanted to inform you that today we had amazing pre- Shabbat activities. Early morning we woke up had our daily routine of prayer, breakfast and our Torah learning groups (which are always great). Many people conquered a fear not long after, the fear of heights. We went to repel down Ma’arat Keshet, the keshet cave, which is a a very high cave in a tall mountain overlooking the norther cities of Israel (over a hundred feet drop). If you thought that was the hard part imagine the hike right back up the mountain. Our stomachs were so hungry but don’t worry Israel fed us. The food was incredible like some gourmet restaurant, but it was cheaper and in a forest and was pizza. The BEST pizza you’d ever have. Homemade, any topping you wanted, and as much as you wanted. Following the delicious food we went to the Mediterranean Sea. At first I thought ok yay a beach! But no, this was more than that, it was Rosh Hanikra! We went inside a mountain to witness how powerful little droplets of rain can be. The mountain had literal caves inside filled of crystal water from the rain crashing down splitting it into different parts forming caves of water. Coming from New Jersey, USA, I had no idea how beautiful a simple mountain can be.

Have a meaningful Shabbat,
Miri Horowitz (NCSY student)