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About The Trip

Chevron & Oz Vagaon

iceisrael July 28, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Today was a GREAT DAY! We started off our day traveling to Chevron. We visited Mearat Hamachpela and learned a little bit about the importance of not taking anything for free, how Abraham Avinu made sure to pay for this gravesite for his family, who was buried there and we were able to daven in this really holy place. We also went to Kever Rachel and learned about her and why she was buried separately from the rest of her family and we learned about the political significance of her graves location in Chevron which was really interesting. To end the day we had a lesson on Krav Maga and were able to learn a few fighting techniques to defend ourself and others around us. This activity was also connected to working the land in a park dedicated to the three boys, Gilad, Ayal and Naftali, who were kidnapped and killed two summers ago. Protecting our friends and our land were a big part of yesterday’s lessons and it was a good day to reflect on things that are worth preserving and fighting for.

Coral Vaknin