BLOG -Summer 2017

Laser tag and Latrun

What another fun day in Ein Tzurim – we woke up to a delicious breakfast; scrambled free range eggs, gooey Cinnamon rolls, mouthwatering French toast, and much more. Who knew Kibbutz food was so yummy?! After Chevrutas we made our way to laser tag and


Today was a crazy day filled with all different types of activities and programs! Our first stop was to a dairy farm where we got to learn how to make cheese, play with goats, and taste different types of dairy products! Even the people who

Tisha Ba’av

Hi Everyone! My name is Abbie Talmoud, I am in the Greater Washington chapter in Atlantic Seaboard. I am writing the blog for Tisha Be’Av. Monday July 31, 2017 started Tisha Be’Av, we got back to Ein Tzurin were we prepared for the fast to

Tel Aviv and Wietzman Museum

Hello everyone! What a wonderful start to our day. We began our day with chaburahs and talked about Emunoh (faith) and that if we have faith in God, bad situations can start to seem good. After, we took a bus to tel aviv and walked

Shabbos in Jerusalem

What an incredible shabbos! Our first shabbos back together was a great one as we started off davening Kabbalas Shabbos at the kotel, my first time ever doing so. We had dinner at Aish and walked though Ben Yehudah street back to the Crowne Plaza

July 28th

Hey everyone!Today has been really fun! First we went to Gan Soccer where we began with learning in our Chaburahs about Emunah, this weeks theme. Then we had the choice of playing frisbee, basketball , soccer or just hanging out on the playground. For our

Chevron & Oz Vagaon

Hello Everyone! Today was a GREAT DAY! We started off our day traveling to Chevron. We visited Mearat Hamachpela and learned a little bit about the importance of not taking anything for free, how Abraham Avinu made sure to pay for this gravesite for his

Yad V’Shem and Har Hertzel

Wow, what an incredible day! We started off with a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Then I almost missed our bus to yad vashem, which would’ve been a shamebecause it was a really meaningful experience. We separated into two groups and began our tour through

Israel ID had EILAT of fun

שלום to all those reading! My name is Shlomo Amsellem and I am part of the amazing team we call the NCSY ISRAEL ID Staff. I just wanted share some of the incredible experiences and fun activities that we have done over this past week.

Masada, Ein Gedi & Eilat

Hey everybody today we woke up too early to watch an amazing sunrise while walking up Masada. When we got to the top we prayed overlooking an unbelievable view. We heard about what took place on this historic place. After which we rode a cable