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About The Trip

Shabbat in Tzfat

iceisrael July 24, 2016

On ice Israel yesterday was Shabbat. Shabbat is amazing because we get to take a break from our work and everything  we have in our mind, and just take the chance to speak and connect with God without having any worries. Shabbat in Tzfat was such a special experience. The atmosphere in Tzfat on Shabbat is so exciting; everyone is dancing and jumping up and down and having an amazing time. There is something in Tzfat that makes Shabbat unique: it’s the air. The air there is so pure and special because it’s not like any place in Israel, it has a special scent to it that makes the place an amazing place to live in. First, as a group we all ate food, sang songs for Shabbat, and we danced around and we all had an amazing time. After we all finished our foods and finished singing and dancing we had some free time to get reenergized from our crazy and amazing Yom NCSY and from all the amazing and tiring activities that we had that week. After we got reenergized, we all went on a walking tour of Tzfat and we learned the background story about it and the battle that took place there in 1948. After walking around Tzfat and learning about it we went back to the hotel and ate our 3rd meal and we wrapped up this amazing Shabbat. After we ate, we prayed arvit and we made a sefaradic havdallah. Then we all had to get ready in literally 10 minutes to go on a bus to go on a party boat! As a group we went on a party boat and we danced and had a blast dancing to the music and seeing the amazing views around us. After we came off the boat we saw this group of Jewish people singing in a circle so we decided to join in and we started singing and dancing with people we didn’t even know. This comes to show it doesn’t matter where you are and who you are, all Jews always come together to form a family all around the world. All in all Shabbat was a remarkable experienced in Tzfat.


-Daniel Latai