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About The Trip

Reflections from yesterday

iceisrael August 3, 2016

Yesterday was one of my favorite days from the whole trip. The day consisted of water sports and a night out on the Eilat Boardwalk. For me, the highlight of the day was banana boating. We got into the banana boats and were pulled by a motor boat. We felt the wind in our faces and tried our hardest not to fall out. I really liked it because although it was over 100 degrees outside, the wind cooled us down and made it a great experience. Afterwards, we had time to go kayaking and I jumped out of the boat and into the water. The water was so blue and it was beautiful. Later, we went snorkeling and visited an underwater observatory. That night, we were given free time out on the Eilat Boardwalk. Overall, it was an amazing day and I had so much fun.

– Rachelle Guy