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About The Trip

Misgav Am, Rafting down the Jordan River, and Banias Waterfall!

iceisrael July 20, 2016

Today was an amazing day! We started off with a 6:45 am wake up, had breakfast, and we’re off to Misgav Am to see the guy who lives on the mountain. He told us about his aliyah to Israel and about the politics between Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan since he lives right on the border of those three countries. After that, we went rafting down the Jordan River which was a blast. The water was amazing and so was being with my friends. We laughed and paddled and swam together. It was so cool. Once our amazing lunch was done, we went on a “nature walk” to the Banias Waterfall which was beautiful. It may not have been our busiest day, but it was still packed with fun things and amazing memories I will never forget.

– Erica Cohen