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About The Trip

Kvarim, Majrassa

iceisrael July 22, 2016

Dear Ima,

Today was such a meaningful and fun day! First, we visited the kvarim of Rambam and Rabbi Akiva. Having the opportunity to daven, recite tehilim and privately reflect at these great rabbi’s  kvarim was very powerful and seeing everyone connect to these holy sites was very moving. Next, we enjoyed a delicious falafel lunch accompanied by Teveria’s gorgeous ocean views. After lunch, we went on a really exciting water hike in the Majrassa River. Besides from the hike being a great way to connect to the land of Israel, this was my favorite part of the day because I got to have fun with my friends and advisors and in addition bond and grow as a family. Today, we will move to a hotel in Tzfat for Shabbat and I can’t wait to enjoy another incredible weekend on ICE Israel. Love and miss you!

Shabbat Shalom,