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About The Trip

July 17 – Techelet diving, Caesaria, ATVing and Druze village!

iceisrael July 19, 2016

Today was jam packed with activities! We started our day with techelet diving, which was an experience that was like no other. We went snorkeling underwater to look for a special kind of snail which would be used for the dye of the techelet. Once we found the snails, we did a super cool experiment in order to dye the cotton which we used to make our techelet friendship bracelets. Once we were all dry and had our friendship bracelets, we went to Caesaria. Caesaria was formally built for Herod the Great. There was an incredible theater there where we all got to perform and had our very own riff off (shout out to teams 2 and 4!!!) After we sang and got to see all of Caesaria we went to a mall and got lunch, shoutout to God for kosher McDonald’s! Then we got down and dirty while driving around in ATVs, everyone was COVERED in dirt. It was sick!!! We finished our day in a Druze community where we learned about the culture and religion, followed by an authentic and delicious dinner. ¬†Overall, we had an amazing and spectacular Sunday! GO ICE!!!!!

– Shternie and Leore

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