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About The Trip

Har Tzfachot, water sports, snorkeling, Eilat aquarium, and Boardwalk

iceisrael August 3, 2016

We woke up at 4 for our second and final sunrise hike. If I got just 7 more hours of sleep, I might not be sick. By 5 in the morning it was already in the upper 90s. The hike to the top of the mountain was a bit hard but totally worth it, especially since the cold medicine Malkie gave me started working as soon as we got to the top. After eating breakfast, the boys went snorkeling and the girls did water sports. Then we switched. It was really amazing to see the types of creatures that live under the water. It’s a whole other world that humans don’t usually get to see. The animals that Hashem has created are truly amazing. We learned from the banana boats not to trust angry old people who aren’t wearing shirts. It was also terrifying. Oh, I almost died and Tzvi saved me. Sort of. Well, most of my blood was coming out of my nose, and Tzvi helped me not bleed to death. Thanks again! Afterwards we went to the boardwalk where people spent too much money on anything and everything. This included Bob Marley pants and a giant slingshot. After this, we davened maariv and laughed at people stuck in the elevators. Also, I’ve been paid to say red bull gives you wings.