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Further thoughts from yesterday

iceisrael August 8, 2016

We went to Kever Rachel today. It was quite an emotional experience because it’s not only our mother’s memory that we visit but also that of a girl named Nava Applebaum. She perished in a bombing with her father just a few hours before her wedding and the fabric of her wedding dress hangs by Rachel’s grave.

We also visited the graves of our fore fathers and mothers. We learned about their sufferings and victories and why it is important that we carry on their legacies.

We also discovered that, even though the news portrays Chevron as a dangerous place with no possible way to lead a normal life, it is more than safe to live and even have fun. For example, zip-lining, rock climbing, and a ropes course. It was an amazing experience to see the country side while speeding across a small valley on the zip-line. And to test our strength with the ropes course and rock climbing.

– Bre Kelsoe