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About The Trip

Free Shabbat – Yonaton Chriqui

iceisrael July 31, 2016

On my free shabbat I went to my cousin Benyamin’s house in Sanhedria. I got a great nights sleep of 7 hours. First I had to stay in a friend’s house but went to my cousin’s house on Friday morning. I went to ben Yehuda street and had some pizza and relaxed a bit. By the time I came back it was time for shabbat and I went to 3 shuls, one for mincha, one for kabbalat shabbat, and one for maariv. Every single shul we visited was chassidic and I’ve never wanted to pet a streimel more in my life. Other than that my shabbat was somewhat uneventful yet I was asked if I knew French at some point sooooooo yea.