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About The Trip

Free Shabbat – Josh Straus

iceisrael July 31, 2016
During my free weekend I somehow managed to stay in gevat shmuel right
next to Bar Ilan university. The way i ended up there is through some
connection from my mom, the family I stayed at is the cousins of my
moms friend. Honestly it was a nice weekend but it started in a bad
way being that I got partially lost on the bus ride there. I took the
right bus and supposedly got off at the right stop but when the family
came to pick me up they went to the wrong stop twice and I got pretty
scared because the area was kind of shady. That was the start of the
weekend, from there it only got better. On Friday I went to the beach
with their oldest son Naftali and his two friends and that was an
experience because all his friends wanted to do was hit on girls and
play Pokemon Go, and they were only good at one of those things (not
the first one). Friday night we decided to go to Bar Ilan for kabalat
Shabbat but we only got there in time for maariv. So we davened and
went back to their house for dinner and they also have a daughter and she invited her friend over
for dinner which was hilarious for one reason, that reason is she
asked me a copious amount of questions about what public school was like and all her questions were based on high school musical so I
basically just laughed at her the entire time. After diner I had a chance to go out with Naftali ( the son ) but chose to stay home and I ended up getting to know their daughter Adina then went to bed. On Shabbat I woke up at 12:45 and I was the first one up which was a huge surprise so I just went back to sleep and everyone slept the entire
day and that was my free weekend for the most part. One interesting
fact I learned about the Waxman family is that they have one of the
largest furniture companies in Israel according to the father Doron.