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About The Trip

Free Shabbat – Davina Goodman

iceisrael July 30, 2016

For my free weekend, I spent my shabbos at my uncles in Bet Shemesh. It wasn’t so hard to fit in, they all spoke English with a mix of Hebrew aka they spoke Hebrish. What really stood out to me was whenever Tzvi told us that ICE was a family, I never believed it. I kinda would laugh because I never really thought of the people on my program as my family. After spending a shabbos away, I realized how much I missed this family I grew accustomed to, this family I learnt to love. ICE Israel became my family. Anyway, even though I deeply missed ICE, I enjoyed my shabbos. I liked sleeping in, I liked having a long shower without worrying about another person, and I loved having a home cooked meal. Lastly, I liked spending a shabbos in a house in Israel because it taught me what it is like, it gave me a lovely view on how I would live if I lived in Israel, it seems amazing.