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About The Trip

Chesed activity, Bar Ilan and Yom NCSY!!!

iceisrael July 22, 2016

Hey everyone,

We started this morning with a much later wake up of 7 am! A whole 30 minutes longer than what we’re used to:) As we/I made sure to not forget any of our belongings behind, we found our way to the buses and danced, sang or slept our way on the hour long journey to Haifa. When we arrived in the beautiful city, we immersed ourselves hands on in giving back to the community with a chesed project. Crates of fresh produce were put before us and our task was to bag as many as we could in one hour. Some may think this would be an uneventful activity, however, with all 46 of us working and giving back together, it became an hour of unity with a feeling of joy in the air. When the activity came to an end, we made our way to yom NCSY, a day where all 1200 Jewish teens come together for a night filled with Jewish pride; truly a night to remember. We were greeted with pizzas and delicious warm sodas then pushed to our limits by a challenging pro Palestinian woman. Our blood boiled and not a single ncsyer could sit still with acceptance. One by one we stood up for our pro zionistic beliefs only to find ourselves pranked. The teacher acted the way she did in order to test our beliefs and to prepare us for future encounters to make sure we were ready for the false accusations thrown at us. She then proceeded to teach us the secrets behind Israel advocacy and truth of Israel’s right to the land. Finally it was time for yom NCSY to begin. People screaming in excitement in all directions as they reunited with distant friends as well as new ones. Dinner passed by as the sun went down and all the different groups met in the Bar Ilan amphitheater for unforgettable event. Although everyone was coming from all different sects of Judaism and different origins of the world, I’ve never felt more united as a group of people. I was dancing with strangers as if they were my best friends, and together we sang the same words with the same passion behind them. The unforgettable davening capped off with an emotional   Hachnasat Sefer Torah making the already incredible day all the more meaningful. Rachel Karns out✌