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About The Trip

Arts, Hikes, and Caves, Oh My!

iceisrael July 15, 2016
Today, the ICE Israel group had an incredibly exciting and meaningful Friday in Israel. We began our morning with a delicious breakfast and then boarded the bus. On the way to our first destination, we enjoyed the beautiful sights of Israel as it passed us by.
    After that, Arky, our awesome tour guide, spoke about the significance of Fridays in Israel. We learned about how Friday is treated as a very special day for many Israeli Jews.
    Upon arrival for a hike at Mt. Carmel, we gathered together and Arky told us the sad but inspiring story of the horrible forest fire that took place there, and the heroic young man who died trying to save the victims. He then introduced the idea that rather than thinking about what we would die for, we should focus on what we want to live for. This lesson instilled a very interesting and motivating new perspective in our minds.
    The group then went for a very exciting hike through the Carmel mountain range. As we leaped over rocks and ventured up and down the trail, everybody had fun talking and bonding with each other. Overall, this hike was an extremely enjoyable and empowering experience.
    Next, we went to the Ein Hod artist colony. There, we saw lots of cool art pieces and learned the meanings behind them, as well as how they were made. We also met a incredibly talented musician from the colony who showed us instruments that have been around for thousands of years. He played many uniquely beautiful songs. Then, we all participated in a group activity, making mandalas. During this activity, we learned the importance of working together to maintain balance.
    The group concluded our day’s adventure at Beit Shearim. We saw where many people were buried years ago. Then, we went into a very special cave to visit the Kever of Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi. Here, we heard the very beautiful story of his burial. Before leaving the cave, we all stood and sang Acheinu. At this moment we all felt united with each other.
   Overall, it was an amazing day full of new experiences and lessons. So far, we are all having a wonderful time in the land of Israel and look forward to have many more great days here.
    Shabbat Shalom!
By: Batya Rossberg