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About The Trip

Akko, Rosh Hanikra and camping on the beach ☀️??⛺️

iceisrael July 25, 2016

Yesterday on ICE Israel was our last day in the north, so we had to make sure it counted. We started off the day by going to a synagogue which portrayed all the different stories of the Tanach through mosaics. For example in the woman’s section of the synagogue there were mosaics of the different important women in Jewish history, such as Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, Leah. Later during the day we toured the ancient port city of Akko, where we visited the unique shul of the Ramchal. Although it wasn’t the biggest or the most grand synagogue we could still feel the intense spirituality that strongly impacted us. Following Akko we visited the Rosh Hanikrah water caves, where we watched a short documentary on the history of the caves and explored the exotic scenery. Our last stop… A beautiful beach in Teveria where we camped out over night. This served as a great bonding experience for us all. We sat around the campfire, sang songs, ate s’mores and told stories. I couldn’t think of a better way to end such a magnificent day.

– Ariel Levitis and Gabbi Benjamin