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WE MADE IT TO JERUSALEM!!!!!! Celeb Blogger: Kayla Wolnerman!!

iceisrael July 28, 2014

After a long and amazing two weeks in Israel, we finally made it to Yerushalaim!!  

We started the day off by going to the Old City.

We began with a complete overlook of the Old City which was absolutely beautiful.  We basically had a full out photo shoot courtesy of Josh G and many of our fellow NCSYers. Then, we walked on top of the city walls.  We walked from the Jaffa Gate to the Gate of Zion. From the top, we were able to see all of the Old City, including the Kotel, the Dome of the Rock and the Jewish Quarter, as Josh G helpfully pointed out.

We then entered the Jewish Quarter and had the privilege of visiting Hurva Shul.  The shul’s interesting history and unique design is what made it so memorable!  It was destroyed and rebuilt three times throughout the course of its history and its ruins are incorporated into its walls.  We also climbed onto the balcony and were able to see the shul from a topical view.  Josh G showed us that because of the dome shape, echoes from certain places travel to certain spots and we were able to communicate with our voice barely louder than a whisper.

Then, finally, we got to see The Kotel.  As for me, it was not my first time to see the Western Wall, but for many of my friends it was, and the experience was very meaningful for all of us.  We even got to have our chaburot in the Kotel plaza with our amazing advisors Meira, Yael, Emma, Josh G, Josh M, and Frankie.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we couldn’t have asked for a better first day in Yerushalaim.