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About The Trip


iceisrael July 26, 2014

Ice Israel spent the better part of the day Friday doing team building – we went to the Kineret and did raft building!  It was very challenging – we had to first tie together big bamboo sticks with professional knots, then flip them over onto metal barrels.  We then put wooden planks over them and tied them down.  Once everything was secure, we grabbed life vests and paddles, ran our rafts into the Kineret, and jumped aboard, rafting and paddling through the water.

This was a great activity for us to do, because, in addition to being a lot of fun, we were forced to work together.  Each raft would have taken a very, very long time to put together if one or two people tried to do it on their own, but since some people cut rope, some tied, some held things in the right place… and… well… some kinda just splashed around in the water, but we won’t talk about them… so, everyone did something, and working together, we accomplished our mission and had a lot of fun!

We then checked into our hotel in Tzfat and got ready for another AMAZING Shabbat!