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About The Trip

Great Shabbos in Tzfat!

iceisrael July 27, 2014

So, we spent our second ICE Israel Shabbat in the holy city of Tzfat! (Or “Safed” for the Hebraically challenged) 😉 We were at the Hotel Ron, a true bastion of luxurious living…well, sort of…

We davened Kabbalat Shabbat at the hesder Carlebach minyan in one of the outdoor squares in the old city of Tzfat, which was a CRAZY awesome balagan! There were all types of Jews there, from chassidim in tights, to hippies in jeans and sandals, to us! It was really cool to see so many different kinds of Jews all together in one place, Davening as one!

Dinner was really good, and after we had an oneg, followed by a “post oneg tisch.” Then, we were treated to a very special 9AM wake up! Wohoo!

Shabbat afternoon, we got to explore the city for a bit in walking groups, then we had one of the BEST. ICE EBBING AND HAVDALAH. EVER!!

Now, we are looking forward to FINALLY making our way to Yerushalayim!!