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About The Trip

Ein Gedi!

iceisrael August 8, 2014

Wednesday, we headed south and hiked Ein Gedi! It was also the first time we got to see the Dead Sea! (Though we didn’t get to swim in it right then and there…) Ein Gedi was really hot, but beautiful, a lot of fun, and really cool! After that, we got to see the famous Ahava Dead Sea mineral lotions and cosmetics factory and shop in their factory store. Then it was on to a Bedouin village where we got to ride on camels, enjoy some traditional Bedouin hospitality, and then sleep in Bedouin tents! TJJ Ambassadors was also there, so we got to spend some time with fellow NCSY friends! Then it was off to (attempt to) get to bed early ahead of our 4 a.m. wake-up to hike Masada!