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About The Trip


iceisrael August 4, 2014

It was a great day – we fulfilled the mitzvah of planting trees by planting them at Naot Kidumim and recited the tefilla for planting a tree along with that. We then went to the Moshav and heard from Hal Levy’s uncle, Rav Michael. He connected with many of us and after hearing him speak we went to either play sports or get a bracha from the Rav! We later ate a delicious lunch from “holy bagel” and continued our journey by visiting the Belz shul, a 14 story building, the biggest shul in the world. We learned about the customs of the chasidim of Belz and had our questions about the chasidic movement and the Belz customs answered. We capped off the Belz shul visit by visiting the biggest bait keneset with a aron kodesh holding over 80 Torah scrolls. We returned to the hotel and heard some inspirational words from Rabbi Gavriel Friedman, also known as “Rav Gav,” who spoke to us about true love and relationships. It was a great day!