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About The Trip

A Really, Really Nice Shabbat

iceisrael July 20, 2014

This weekend we had a great Shabbat experience at Savyonei HaGalil!

Shabbat began with kabbalat Shabbat outside, overlooking the mountains, then we headed over to the dining room for a great Shabbat dinner.  Then we had an outdoor oneg with snacks, some singing, and a lot of chilling.

Shabbat morning was a really unique experience – one that you could only get in Israel!  A big Sephardi family from Ashdod was staying at our hotel for their son’s Bar Mitzvah.  They invited us to take part in their simcha and sing, dance, and even throw candy with them!  It was very nice to be able to connect to our fellow Jews in a way that most of our teens have not been able to before!

As Shabbat came to a close, we once again sat outside in a circle and ebbed Shabbat away with songs and inspiration, then had a great havdalah, overlooking the mountains, with Hal on guitar.  We sang, we danced, then we topped off our day with some motzei Shabbos ice skating at the Canada Center!