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About The Trip

The most awesome hike and jeep ride (day 3) by Lily Swartz

iceisrael July 12, 2013

We started off the day with a gorgeous hike down the Jilaboun canyon. Throughout the hike, there was beautiful scenery. We helped each other walk across rocks in rivers, climb up challenging stairs, and climb over large rocks on the pathway.  The teamwork was really great! The end of the hike comprised of a beautiful waterfall and view, followed by ice cream! Overall the hike was amazing. After that we went jeeping through the stunning Golan. We stopped various times to view the nature around us. In the jeeps, we drove fast over bumpy roads, and passed by animals, lakes and mountains. We even saw Tel Dan. This is where we were able to see the Bible come to life. We saw the oldest complete mud brick arch. Everyone really enjoyed their time on the jeeps. Next, we went back on the bus to visit an ancient shul in Katzrin, as well Kessem HaGolan. There we watched an interactive film, where we viewed different parts of the film in separate rooms. The film was about the story and the beauty of the Golan. We ended the day by visiting a military bunker at Mount Ben-Tal. This was a great way for us to really understand how soldiers lived under such poor conditions just to protect our country. The bunker was underground and dark. Overall, our day was jam-packed and extremely successful!