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About The Trip

NCSYer Ali Zak Can’t Wait for the Summer!

iceisrael July 2, 2013

Hi everybody! My name is Ali Zak and I live in Oakland, California. I love Disney movies, ­­­­­spend a lot of time singing to my dog (he’s the only one who tolerates my singing voice), dance, and am super stressed out cuz I haven’t started packing yet! I’ve been to Israel many times to visit family, but I hope that going on ICE will allow me to experience and connect to the land  in a different way than I have gotten to when I just stayed at my Grandma’s house. I’m nervous about meeting so many new people, but am super excited to be meeting so many other teens who love NCSY like I do. I know in the end I’ll come out with so many new friends cuz everyone seems super nice! Cant Wait!!!