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About The Trip


iceisrael August 12, 2013

It’s two weeks into the ICE Israel experience and all of the campers, including myself have been aching for a day of rest and relaxation. Early wake-ups and late curfews, we have been running on empty. Hikes of all varieties, we have already had a water hike, a hike up a mountain, a hike down a mountain and through a valley. And all during the nine days. We needed to relax by the water. But it wasn’t yet time. Tisha B’av we had a brief mix in with BILT, Kollel, and TJJ at the Kotel and had a giant NCSY style kumzitz. We were all stressed, sweaty and starving. After a week of strenuous activities, such as midnight yoga sessions in the Bedouin’s tent (during the armies training), disobedient camels trying to eat hair or more hikes on a lack of sleep, we needed a break. But now we were finally at the breaking point when we arrived this morning in Eilat. A simple hike, followed by a relaxing day of water sports and beach hang outs. Now as a guy, the guy session was as blissful as it could have gotten. We bonded over the lack of girls and making jokes about random bits of the trip. Snorkeling was very cool. We saw Dori’s and parrot fish, as well as man other varieties of which I don’t know. But when we finished the brief session we all swam in the designated pool area and played until the girls arrived on the bus to go snorkeling. On the bus ride to the guys next activity, I can honestly say, we spoke to one another as if we were brothers. Banana boating was a blast. Kayaking and paddle boats next was just another small thing that took away a load of stress, and a great work out too. We ended up being towed back to shore because of how far out we got! Once we got near the shore we were pulled in by Yisrael who proudly towed the boat, even though his face turned green like the hulk! Next we took a stroll the the beach. We tanned, skipped rocks, spoke about sports and just simply relaxed. By far, today was the most relaxed, yet most productive day we have had so far on ICE Israel, but that’s just my opinion. If you want the girls opinion, you will need to ask them. But all in all today was simply bliss.