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About The Trip

Day 2 by Shoshi Silow

iceisrael July 10, 2013

The second day of ICE Israel started with a beautiful davening followed by out first group learning session. Then we hiked down Mount Arbel which overlooked the Kineret. It was very beautiful, but very scary. The hike consisted of walking down rocky cliffs. It was a great bonding experience, and the pride felt afterward finishing the hike was amazing.We then took a walking tour of old Tzefat and had some free time to shop in the Artists Quarter. Everything sold there was so unique and beautiful. Then, we went to Misgav Am where we saw into Lebanon from Israel’s frontier-it was crazy! To top off our crazy amazing day, we had an amazing night activity. We did crazy relay races. It was so out of my element, but so much fun! Thank for an amazing day!