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About The Trip

Day 1 by Yosef Tropper

iceisrael July 10, 2013

Yesterday afternoon everyone arrived with excitement in their eyes for the best summer of their lives. After a lengthy plane ride during which everyone got to know each other, we arrived in Israel and immediately began our first amazing activity. The NCSYers all made their way to the great sites of some of the great Rabbis who organized the Mishna, including Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi himself!

These graves were located in caves which made for a very adventurous experience for all. But that still wasn’t the end to our amazing first day! We finished it off by going to K’far Kedem and reliving the glory days of the second temple era. We did this by making pitot followed by a beautiful donkey ride into the sunset. For dinner, we are a traditional meal of homemade schnitzel, rice, hot pita and condiments. I, for one, thought that today was one of the best days of my life! And this is just the beginning…