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About The Trip

Chaya Ross: Getting Excited for the Summer!

iceisrael June 27, 2013
Ever since I signed up for ICE Israel in November I’ve been counting down the days until my first time in the Holy Land. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about NCSY programs so I’m extremely excited. This summer with ICE, I am looking forward to learn about my Jewish heritage hands on by visiting sacred sites and studying with advisors. It will be fascinating to see all the years of learning about the history of Israel in school come alive. We will be going to these holy places with a group of around forty people. That means forty new smiling faces, forty new Jews passionate about Israel and Judaism, forty new kids with the same goal and forty new friends. Naturally, one can be a little nervous coming into a new environment such as ICE. There are so many new personalities and places that I’ll have to encounter on the program. It’s scary going off to another country alone not knowing what will happen.
My goal on ICE is to replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity. I am going to put myself out there and get the most out of this beautiful Israel experience.  I want to walk away from this summer with new memories, new friends, and new love for my heritage. Opportunities like this do not happen often, so I will make sure to have the Best.Summer.Ever.