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About The Trip

A Poem by Elen Peysakhova and Ellie Selevan

iceisrael July 22, 2013

We started our day nice and early
Our bags were packed, hair long and curly
A cave called Marasha was our first stop
Through low ceilings and twisty turns
We got on our hands and had a great drop
The sun led us to an archeological sight
With an axe in our hands we dug with might
Charcoal, pots, and bones we found
We brushed off our knees and were once again bus bound
We made our way to cave number two
Little did we know the small holes we would crawl through
For Barkochba cave we had to get on the ground
And wiggle and slide our way around
Cave number three was magical in many ways
Stalagmites formed in fantastic shapes
It was as if it was made by clay!
After an amazing day we head back to the hotel
To our NCSY friends, our stories we did tell!