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About The Trip

What is the dress code?

feldmans September 18, 2013

To ensure an environment for religious and spiritual growth and to prevent extreme sun exposure, the following dress code will be enforced throughout the summer.

Boys Dress code:

Heads must be covered and tzitzit must be worn at all times.
During davening and visits to sacred sites, long pants are required.
Tank tops and short shorts are not permitted.

Girls Dress Code:

Skirts are preferred and must approach the knee.
Leggings, jeggings, yoga and aladdin pants, tank tops, cap sleeves and shirts that expose the midriff are not permitted.
No shorts of any kind are permitted, EXCEPT on days in which we do adventure based activities (i.e. hiking) on which you can wear BASKETBALL shorts (approaching the knee) only.
Necklines of shirts should not be inappropriately revealing, see-through, or cut.
Tight clothing is not permitted.
No white or light colored t-shirts on water hikes.
Loose fitting pants, including jeans or sweatpants are permitted.