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Week 4 Recap

Hello to all!

From Jerusalem to Chevron, from Ben Yehudah to Machaneh Yehuda we had an incredible week! We started the week with tons of volunteering we went to rock climb with wounded soldiers at Tikvot, followed by a conversation in the dark with blind people, and ended with save a child’s heart. On Monday our day was filled with reverence, we went to Yad Vashem and had a wonderful experience as we learned about the fallen lives of those that we now remember then we walked   up to mount Herzl to commemorate the lives of fallen Israeli soldiers. Tuesday we clowned around at Hadassa hospital brining smiles to children and then enjoyed some free time in the Old City. We had the opportunity to hear from amazing speakers as Neil Lazarus, Sari Singer, and Dr. Luchens, where the teens enjoyed hearing from all different incredible stories and people. Now we are all getting ready for shabbos at the Kotel and in the Old City. We are so excited for what will no doubt be an incredible Shabbos!


Shabbat Shalom and Good Shabbos from Jerusalem!!

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