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I can’t believe I am writing our final week recap email. This summer went by way too fast! Although the end is near, we are truly maximizing our final few days together. Our week was filled with exciting adventures. Beginning Sunday we visited the water purification factory, Shafdan and then enjoyed exploring at the Weizeman institute. Monday night was an inspiring and reflective evening. Tisha Ba’av was incredibly meaningful and we hope and pray that next year we will all be together in Jerusalem! The following day we had Yom NCSY, which I can honestly say that there is nothing like it. On a program such as ours, that one can travel Israel we can see amazing historical artifacts and events. We were able to dig for ancient pottery from the times of Judah and the Maccabees and see the valley where David fought Goliath! We also got to visit Latrun, the tank museum and see the actual tanks that Israel used for its war of independence. Although the end is near, on NCSY Israel ID the summer never ends! To say that we are excited for Shabbos would be a tremendous understatement. Spending this last (for now) shabbos together as one big ID family will no doubt be memorable, fun and uplifting.


Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom and Good Shabbos! 

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