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NCSY Israel ID week 2 review

Time is flying way too fast. I can’t believe we are already finishing week 2, and what an awesome week it was! From graffiti art in Tel-Aviv to spiritual art in Tzfat. We experienced so many different things this week. We did cheesed by volunteering in hospitals and nursing homes. We went repelling down a cliff which was absolutely exhilarating! We saw the beautiful water caves in Rosh Hanikra and rode our bikes as the sunset on the beach. We saw the beauty of Israel as a culture, as a land and of course through its holiness. We ended our chaburahs this week and are looking forward to started a new topic after Tisha Ba’av. The multiple hikes that we did together really allowed everyone to bond in a real special way. Our week was filled with the most amazing sights through Israel. If you haven’t seen our pictures, go check it out now! With shabbos entering soon and Tisha Ba’av around the corner we are working hard to set the proper tone for the weekend.

Shabbat shalom and good Shabbos from Neta

Yoni Pollock

Director, NCSY Israel ID

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