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NCSY ISRAEL ID: Tisha Ba’av and Yom NCSY

I cannot even begin to tell you how incredible these past two days have been!

Many of us struggle with connecting to Tisha Ba’av, considering we have never seen or know of someone who has seen the previous Beis Hamikdash, we may be a bit confused how to connect to its destruction. On NCSY Israel ID we did our very best to try and connect in a deep and meaningful way. After reading Eicha sitting on the floor, we ran a program to feel a greater sense of loss to the Beis Hamikdash. By doing a lot of self-reflection, singing and thinking we had a very meaningful evening. The following morning we read Kinnos, which were each introduced in a more relatable way to everyone. We very much appreciated NCSY for providing artscroll books to follow along in english and read the wonderful footnotes on the bottom. Tisha Ba’av concluded with ‘the world kumzitz’ and singing at the Kotel as Tisha Ba’av ebbed away. After an incredible meaningful 24 hours we enjoyed a delicious break fast at Gregs, a dairy restaurant. 

The following day was filled with incredible excitement and enthusiasm as we prepared for YOM NCSY. We received our perfectly green shirts and loved how the uniform brought us together. The BBQ was delicious and the concerns was awesome! Dancing with all the other programs and seeing all of our friends was certainly a highlight of the night as well. There is truly nothing like Yom NCSY. I hope all of you were able to watch the live stream!

As I am sure all of you are very much looking forward to seeing your children home again, we are trying to maximize our final days with tons of learning, cheesed and FUN!  Looking forward to our few remaining days together! 

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